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About Dave Carrie

I was 11 years old when I lost my left eye whilst playing football “to a sniper using an air rifle from his bedroom window”, at that time I was a decent footballer playing for the school's county league. My football career was over as I could not see balls passing on my left side. 

Having to shoot with one eye is a disadvantage! You just have to remember to set up properly for certain types of shot/target, but your remaining eye does get tired and weakens in vision as the day goes on.


At about 38 years of age when a chap called Jack Hart, who I occasionally sold ns to, came in the yard to pick a Merc van up. He said he was going clay pigeon shooting (I had never seen or heard of this) and asked if I would like to come. Jack kindly lent me his Miroku 3800 trap gun, I found that I could easily outshoot the regular Wednesday gang that gathered. I only shot DTL and some skeet for a few months “by this time I had got the bug proper” and started doing a little Sporting and Fitasc.

I remember the second Fitasc I ever shot was Gurston Down. I won B class (and my first Gun) against the likes of Kevin Mayor and other notable shots and was 7th overall, it was a great incentive to do more Fitasc and Sporting and later on game shooting.


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Taking Partridge off the Atlas Mountains (Dave Carrie Shooting)
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